Colnago V4Rs Disc Frameset

£ 4,999.00 
Built to Win
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Colnago V4Rs Disc Frameset

Built to Win



The V4Rs profiles have been revised to allow a decrease in aero drag. The Colnago V4Rs can now be accounted as an aerobike, based on its wind tunnel performances.


This frameset is stiffer than the V3Rs. You can sprint faster and climb with more efficiency. We developed a new testing methodology to simulate and measure stiffness in a realistic and effective way.


The T47 Bottom Bracket - same dimension as of the C68 - is oversize, to allow a better reactiveness of the bike and easier replacement compared to the previous Colnago standard.

Sizes: 420, 455, 485, 510, 530, 550, 570.

Colours: Black Grey, Red Dark Red, White Silver, Team UAE and UAE Team ADQ.

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