DT Swiss ARC 1400 Dicut 80 Disc

£ 1,869.00 
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DT Swiss ARC 1400 Dicut 80 Disc

With the fastest ARC rim brought down to the 1400 hub level, the aero segment is strengthened significantly. Developed in partnership with the aerodynamic specialists from SWISS SIDE to help you get up to speed and stay there. Supporting the complete system of rider and bike with minimal drag and superior aero stability in all conditions, for guaranteed fast riding. Finally, the precision wheel build with high and even spoke tension gives you the reliability you need in the race against the clock.

Wheel Brand:
DT Swiss
Wheel Model:
Aero Disc
Wheel Size:
Wheel Frame:
Carbon Rims
Wheel Hubs:
DT 240
Wheel Rims:
80mm Deep, 17mm Internal, 28mm External
Wheel Spokes:
Tool Brand:
Battery Life:
Power Measurement:
Wheel Spokes:
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