DT Swiss PRC 1100 Mon Chasseral 24mm Disc

£ 2,823.00 
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DT Swiss PRC 1100 Mon Chasseral 24mm Disc

You ride your bike. Not to prove anything to anyone. But for yourself. You feel ambitious - yet relaxed. Confident to reach your goal. It’s all out there: You. Your bike. And the ultimate wheelset to propel you up the mountain top of your personal “Mon Chasseral”: 1266 g of finest Swiss engineering - featuring the latest Ratchet EXP hub and built up with a special carbon layering technology, hand-made in Europe - this wheelset provides you with a unique appearance and riding experience.

Wheel Brand:
DT Swiss
Wheel Model:
Performance Disc
Wheel Size:
Wheel Frame:
Wheel Hubs:
180 with Ratchet EXP 36
Wheel Rims:
24mm Carbon, Clincher
Wheel Spokes:
Tool Brand:
Battery Life:
Power Measurement:
Wheel Spokes:
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